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The beginning...

First of all, if you reading my story, thank you I really appreciate that! So my name is Alexander Polischuk as the name of this website :) I was born and raised in a small country called Israel, it is in the middle east but my original roots are from Ukraine, my parents immigrated to Israel before I was born. I won't bore you with my biography because I was raised for an amazing Mom that really gave me everything I need in life until I got to the point that I am grown up man now and need to make my own money :)


Let me tell you how I started my eBay dropshipping adventure, that is where the interesting part of this story begins :) 

So basically as a kid, I always wanted to become something big in this world and I knew deep down in my heart that I have to be successful when I will grow up. So as a kid, I had a normal life and an amazing mother that gave me everything but I knew that after the army (in Israel you have to do 3 years in the army you like it or not.) I will have to start work and making my own money.

At the last 6 months in the army, I started to really worry about real life as I am almost 22 years old and don't have any degree or any kind of real education. So I started to work as a salesman in a part-time job until I will finish the army. I never considered myself as a salesman and I was really bad at it at first but I knew that I have to start to generate some income and get used to working as hard as possible. As I got released from the army I got a serious promotion in the company I was working and until this day I was one of the top salesmen they have ever had! I worked there for around 3 years and was really successful at a very young age, I was making more money from most of my friends' parents together. BUT I was so unhappy that I bearly could get up from bed at morning, I hated my job so bad even though I was really good at it and made more money that I knew what to with. I asked myself if that is really what I want in life and is this called success in my eyes? The clear answer was NOT! For me, success is to love what you are doing and feel a real fulfillment and interest in what you are doing and my job wasn't any one of those.

My real passion in life and my unfulfilled dream is to be a professional football (soccer in the USA) player but because I was raised with the wrong mindset that I got from my parents and my school education. I don't blame them they were raised in the same way, working at 9-5 jobs in a big company and not your dreams and fulfill your talent. So I decided to quit my job and pursue my dream as a soccer player and live off my savings from my old job. Real fast I saw that my bank account starts to get emptier and emptier and I had to figure out a way to make money without giving up my football training.

I was always fascinated by the idea you can make money online, as a past salesman, I knew that on the internet you have the highest potential and the largest rich in the world because almost everyone has internet these days and the amount of the online shoppers and users growing every single day! Even my Mom that she doesn't anything about computers or using the internet came to me and told me she is going to start purchasing online! Back then at my old job I was already into making money online and I was trading stocks in the stocks market, the problem that I found out really quickly that no matter how much time and money you will invest in reading and analyzing stocks, there is nobody in this world that can predict where the stock is going up or down, so for me it was like gambling with my money. So after around a year trading, I lost around 20k USD that for my country is a lot! I started to look for a different way to make money online.

One day I came across with a facebook add of some guy explaining about eBay dropshipping, it was like a 30 minuted video that he was explaining about the whole idea and how it works. I finished watching the video and my mind was blown away! I honestly thought that this is illegal but soon enough I found out that it is totally legal and has been around for decades. At the same day, I purchased the course this guy was selling ( the best decision I have ever made! ) and I just watched all the videos in 1 day. I always teach myself to not overthink things and look why it will not work, I tell myself that if someone out there is making money doing that I can do the same thing and 10 times better! Next day I opened my first eBay store and started listing items exactly the way they showed in the course BUT soon enough I found out that this course is really outdated and no one from our course was making real money. I set with myself and thought, eBay gives you all the data and the information you need about other sellers and their best-selling items, why I can't go ahead and look exactly what are the successful dropshippers are doing and follow their strategy and since then I never looked back, I finally developed my method called snipping (I found out later that I didn't invent this method and it is already out there but still I figured that out on my own).

In my first month using the snipping method, I made back more than I paid for the course that was around 1k USD back then and made way more in the second and third month using my method and since then I never looked back and this method works for me until this days. Over the years I made that better and added VA's to build up a strong work power and expand as much as possible on eBay and make as much money as possible. Today I run 7 eBay stores and 5 VA's (I am sure that when you will read that it will be even more than that) and make at least 4-7k USD in net profit every single month. My goal is to cross 10k in net profit and outsource my eBay business as much as possible so I will be able to move on to my next goals. 


So that is my story and if you are got until the end of it I really appreciate that and hope you got motivated by that. I hope you will choose wisely and start building your online empire before it will be too late and more and more people will realize that online business it is the most powerful and fastest way to achieve wealth and financial freedom. Start your business today, don't wait for the right moment or the right time it will never come, take action immediately and build your way up before it is too late! 

Again thank you for reading my story, it means the world to me! I wish you the best of luck in your online business and in life :) Hope to see you at one of my member's area!


Alexander Polischuk.


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